The Catch

10 May

Let me describe the situation. You are sitting in the bedroom, watching TV, checking email, eating, or whatever it is you do when you have a moment to yourself. Suddenly, you hear a remote thud, followed by an “Oh shit”.

You rush towards the voice and you see your wife holding her nose saying: ” I think I broke my nose”.  “What happened?” you ask, and she is telling you that she was trying to kiss the kid as he was getting up which resulted in a collision. If this never happend to you, you are either not a parent, a very recent one, or the luckiest mom/dad alive. Anyway, she doesn’t get to finish the sentence when your son is coming out of his room screaming in pain (or so it seems).

So your wife is on one side holding her nose. This could be a real medical emergency. And your son is crying on the other side, you don’t know his condition. Now, here is the catch. Who do you go to first? The answer may not be so simple. I went for the kid.

Wrong answer.

But if I went for the wife it would also be a mistake. The correct answer I now understand, is to ask (twice): “What to do? What to do?”

Then you’l know.


One Response to “The Catch”

  1. averagechildhood May 11, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

    I think you should have gone for your son to assess the situation (your wife was talking that’s usually a good sign) but your idea for future is probably better!

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