Papa Make Peepee

18 May

Morning wood underwear“What’s that daddy?” asks the curious toddler, pointing towards my underwear. And I, had just woken up, and still half asleep, don’t answer but want to say:” This is called morning wood , and like all days, it will go to waste, but I’m still grateful for the fact that it’s still here, just like when it started when I was a young teenager.”

We don’t care much for closed doors at home, that is except for when we shit. Then we close the door. A bit for privacy, but mostly so we don’t stink up the entire apartment. On rare occasions, we’ll even take a kid with us to the shitter. So since the kid is following us almost everywhere, it is not uncommon for him to join us in the bathroom  watch his videos on the iPad or talk to us while one of us is taking a shower. We gave him freedom the day we turned his Ikea crib into an Ikea toddler bed (take one side off and you’re done) and he is a free spirit since.

“All done daddy?” he pressures as I pee. “Not yet”. “All done daddy” in a much higher pitch suggesting that peeing for as long as I do is abnormal. “No”.  He giggles when I fart, and then say:”papa make peepee, no poops, peepee”. Then he flushes the toilet as I’m still standing there. This is so unexpected that my pee stops.

“All done daddy?”


2 Responses to “Papa Make Peepee”

  1. Cos Wicca Mom May 21, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    You and my husband would get along fabulously!!

  2. boobjuice June 12, 2012 at 12:21 am #

    Oh dear. Relating. The other day my three year old said to me, “Did you make pee-pee? I didn’t hear anything. Are you sure?” Oh what did we do with all of that privacy in days of old? (And, btw, bemoaning a lack of privacy is always made better by posting private things on the magical interweb, right?) 🙂

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